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Clinique dentaire Balla is your trusted institution for general dentistry in the heart of Montreal. We offer many services at the cutting edge of technology: general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery, implantology, orthodontics, fixed prostheses and removable dentures.

Our versatile dentists have the mission to accompany you for your dental care no matter the reason for your visit. Maximizing your comfort and making your smile radiant are priorities for our team. Our clinic offers all the necessary services to keep your smile healthy and beautiful, throughout your life.

We offer a tailor-made services to meet your specific dental needs. As each person is unique, we develop personalized intervention plans, which we adjust according to the evolution of the patient's condition. Our services adapt to you, and not the opposite! Our professionals and our qualified staff will ensure that you have a courteous and pleasant visit every time you come at Clinique dentaire Balla.

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