General dentistry

General Dentistry in Rosemont

Whether it’s for your young child, a parent or yourself, the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec recommends that patients visit their dentist every six months. The role of our dentists is to check your oral health and accompany you in your possible treatments.

Dental Examination

The dental examination consists of examining the teeth but also the gums, the tongue, the inside of the cheeks and the dental prostheses if you have them. General dentistry aims among other things to identify any problem or abnormality in your mouth, which requires treatment. Depending on this examination, we can propose a treatment plan adapted to prevent and cure any oral problem you may have. At Clinique dentaire Balla, our dentists offer all care in general dentistry.

Promotion for children from 0 to 9 years

The RAMQ covers an annual review as well as fillings and extractions for children under 10 years of age. We offer free prevention, that is, prophylaxis and fluoride application to all our patients under 10 years of age.

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