Removable dentures

removable dental prostheses in rosemont

Even if dental implants are more and more popular, removable dental prostheses remain widely used as a dental solution. Their low cost and ease of use are the main reasons to choose this treatment. Our dentists and our denturists will accompany you for comfort and optimal aesthetics with your dentures.

Partial removable dental prosthesis

The partial dental prosthesis is used to replace one or two teeth and consists of an acrylic resin base that will cling to adjacent healthy teeth through hooks. As a device, the partial removable prosthesis improves chewing, aesthetics and speech. Easy to use, this prosthesis is made from impressions of your teeth, offering both comfort and aesthetics.
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Complete removable dental prosthesis

Also called dentures, complete dentures replace all of the teeth of the lower jaw and / or the upper jaw. Composed of an acrylic resin or a metal structure, the complete removable prosthesis is the solution when a patient has lost all his teeth or has suffered too much damage. The device mimics natural teeth and contains pink acrylic to mimic gums.

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